We at GAMM, have been producing components, pipes and assemblies for automotive, chilling, and air conditioning industries for over thirty years. Our production is highly specialized and it is based on your specifications and
On the basis of our field experience, we are not only a supplier that can just carry out your projects, but we are also a very reliable partner with excellent know-how. We can provide you with great support for the production of
ISO 9001 Quality
We achieved the UNI EN ISO 9001 2000 certification - later turned into UNI ENI ISO 9001 2008 - on the basis of our accurate and comprehensive quality control management system. Because of our organization, we can guarantee the
Experience since 1982

Additional services

We are not just a production company but we provide consulting and value added services to all our Clients.

Aircon. Installation
Comprehensive Consulting
Component Design

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CNC Machines for Industrial Production

We use Computer Numerical Control machines (Cnc) to produce copper, aluminium and steel components

Over the years we have become a more and more reliable partner thanks to our big investments in new generation and technically advanced CNC machines, such as: Orbital cutting machines or special machine blades for copper, aluminium and iron Pipe bending machines for processing pipes with different diameters on multiple...

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